Our unique Integral Vinyasa yoga teacher training, created and led by Nina Vukas, founder of Sangha yoga centar and Spanda yoga school, (former Sangha Om yoga school) Vinyasa yoga programme has been running for a decade in Sangha yoga centar, and has, in recent years, been internationally recognised as well. Nina is now leading programmes in Zagreb and Milan as well as teacher training intensives in Sri Lanka and Portugal. 
Sangha teacher training is now open for registration for generation 2018./19. Programme is scheduled to start September 22nd 2018. and finish in June 2019. 

200 hour teacher training is 10 month programme based on 12 weekend intensives conducted every 3-4 weeks leaving sufficient time in between for practice and study of the new material. Every weekend intensive consists of 14 hours (9:30 am - 5:30 pm) of yoga practice and lectures plus additional hours of teaching and assisting programme (observations, assisting, Karma yoga). 
In order to apply to the programme we require all students to have at least a year of committed asana practice and an interview with school director. 

300 hour teacher training is for those who already hold a 200 hour diploma in another yoga system and would like to learn Vinyasa yoga system as well as how to safely teach to special groups like Prenatal or Senior yoga. All 300 hour training students will join the 200 hour programme after which students will attend an additional 100 hours of Vinyasa studies. These will include Mandala Vinyasa module and Chakra flow module as well as elect guest workshops. 
For those joining for the 300 hour programme, we require a 200 hour diploma of a yoga alliance certified school. 

To ensure the quality and individual approach, the maximum number of students is 16.


integral vinyasa yoga

Integral Vinyasa yoga method is based upon the ancient yoga philosophy, traditional tantric and Hatha yoga teachings as well as the modern knowledge of anatomy and movement biomechanics. The method follows traditional understanding of Vinyasa Krama, a system of progressions chosen to serve the gentle unfolding and integration of our body / mind, and expands from there. 

Different sequences support different cycles in the life of each individual as well as nature's cycles. Each yoga practice should reinforce the balanced state of our body/mind considering the time of day, the season, moon phase, our own personal cycles, moods, energy levels and possible imbalances. Integral Vinyasa yoga method takes all this into consideration to promote balance, healing and integration. 

Every practice includes different tools from the boundless yoga knowledge and, in addition to carefully chosen Namaskars and asana sequences, students will learn how to include pranayama, mudra, mantra and yoga philosophy in every class supporting the intention behind the practice. 

Integral Vinyasa method as well as this programme is a result of Nina's two decades of yoga studies, her continuous study and interest in anatomy and biomechanics of movement as well as Nina's study of body oriented psychotherapy which uses understanding and recognising of body posture and patterns to tap into the mind and the unconscious. 

The programme is supported by the faculty staff of other experts in the fields of anatomy and biomechanics, yoga therapy and ayurveda. 



This is a Vinyasa yoga teacher training and our goal is to ensure that, after certification, each of our students can teach various Integral Vinyasa classes, from dynamic sequences for intermediate / advanced students, to safe sequences for beginners. We will start with one basic Integral Vinyasa flow class sequence and build upon it. At the end of the teacher training students will be able to teach different flow sequences depending on the group and the intention of the practice. 
Students will also learn how to teach a safe class for senior students or those with health challenges, as well as how to teach a safe Prenatal yoga class*

Full programme includes

Yoga history and tradition
Yoga philosophy
Yoga anatomy and physiology
Biomechanics of yoga asana
Subtle body anatomy
Pranayama, kriya
Mantra, Mudra
Introduction to Ayurveda
Integral Vinyasa yoga sequencing
Themed Vinyasa classes
Elemental Vinyasa
Prenatal yoga sequence
Senior yoga (chair) sequence
Safe adjustments

nina cover.jpg

faculty - our team

Nina Vukas ERYT 500, RPYT

School director and lead teacher, founder of Sangha yoga centar, Spanda Vinyasa yoga school and a creator of Integral Vinyasa method. Nina conducts teacher training in Sangha for almost a decade as well as globally with programmes running in Milano and intensive TTC's in Sri Lanka and Portugal.

More about Nina on her website 


Day 012 rajakapotasana gea.jpg

Kristina Bajza ERYT 200

Kristina is a senior teacher with a decade of teaching experience. She taught her first classes in Sangha and later successfully led her own yoga studio in Dubrovnik for many years.

Kristina now lives and teaches in Zagreb and, as a part of yoga teacher training team, she mostly teaches safe adjustments and Prenatal yoga.

Full bio

marija b.jpg

Dr. Marija Buljan, RYT 200

Marija is a medical doctor specialised in dermatology, as well as yoga teacher certified through Sangha teacher training programme. Marija is an important part of the faculty as she teaches anatomy and physiology. 

Marija teaches most of the anatomy modules apart from nervous system for which we have an honor to host as a guest teacher a neurologist Dr. Maša Malenica.


Day 011 Parighasana jasna.jpg

Jasna Perin ERYT 200, RPYT

As a dancer and choreographer, as well as a Integral yoga and Prenatal yoga teacher, Jasna has a lifetime experience in movement. She is a mentor and main assistant teaching classes, leading practicums and teaching Prenatal module. 

Jasna is one of the lead teachers of Nina's intensive teacher trainings in Sri Lanka as well as an important part of the team on Sangha teacher training. 

More about Jasna




Students applying for the course must have a minimum of one year of devoted yoga practice with a certified teacher. 
All students applying for a 200 hour training will need to finish an online anatomy course before the training unless they already have an anatomy background (doctors, theraphists etc.)

We accept applications until August 15th. 

tuition fee













Tuition can be paid in full or in three instalments.
We offer a 5 % discount on full tuition payments, and a 10 % discount on full tuition early bird payments*

Full tuition fee with 10% discount: 1080 euro (8100 kn) 
Full tuition fee with 5% discount: 1140 euro (8550 kn) 
Tuition in three instalments: 1200 euro (3 x 400) or 9000 kn (3 x 3000 kn) **

*early bird - full tuition paid by June 1th 2018.
** Payment due on 1st weekend, 4th weekend, and 8th weekend

200 euro non-refundable deposit to reserve your place. This amount is deductible from the full payment or from the first instalment.

Tuition fee includes: 

12 weekend intensives (11 + exam weekend) 
Integral Vinyasa manual (in English)
USB stick with additional materials (flow videos, articles, books) 
24 free classes in Sangha yoga centre

Additional 100 hour tuition fee for those attending the full 300 hour programme will be charged per module / workshop

7th weekend: 09./10.02.2019.
8th weekend:  09./10.03.2019.
9th weekend:  30./31.03.2019.
10th weekend: TBA
11th weekend: TBA
12th weekend: TBA

weekend intensive dates year 18./19.



1st  weekend:   22./23.09.2018.
2nd weekend:  13./14.10.2018.
3rd weekend:   03./04.11.2018.
4th weekend:   24./25.11.2018.
5th weekend:   15./16.12.2018.
6th weekend:   19./20.01.2019.

info & registration   

If you have any questions about the teacher training, please email at
To apply for the programme please fill out the registration form below:

Name *
Date of birth *
Date of birth
only for those applying for 300 hours. please let us know when and where did you finish your 200 hour education
Tell us about your yoga practice. How long have you been practicing asana and what style of yoga is your predominate practice? Who is (are) your main teacher and what is their certification?
Apart from regular classes, have you attended any yoga workshops, intensives, retreats etc.?
Please let us know if you have any injuries or health issues. This information is confidential and will serve to help us adjust your practice to your personal needs
If your application for the programme is accepted, 200 euro registration fee is due to reserve your place. This registration fee is non-refundable. For the 10 % early bird discount full tuition should be paid no later than June 25th 2017. Full tuition with 5% discount is due on 1st scheduled TT weekend. Three instalment payments are due on the 1st, 4th and 8th weekend. If, for a medical or other life altering reason, student is unable to finish teacher training, refund of 80 euro per weekend of remaining lecture weekends (not including the exam weekend) can be refunded after individual case review by the programme director. No refunds will be given if the student decides to quit the programme for less serious reasons or is, due to misconduct, suspended from the programme.
I, as a participant of this yoga teacher training programme am aware that participating in the training requires a certain level of fitness and general physical health. I acknowledge and voluntarily assume my responsibility to assess my level of fitness and general health (including where appropriate consulting my physician or doctor) and the risks of serious injury that are associated with physical activity of any kind including any variety of yoga, meditation and breath work practice and participation in yoga teacher training activities. I voluntarily assume full liability and accept the risk of harm, including physical injury and discomfort as a result of my participation in the various activities in this programme. I also agree to inform the teacher of any movements which I cannot safely perform, and I will not perform any activity or movement, which I feel is likely to cause me to injure myself. I will inform the teachers and/or assistants of any limitations or medical conditions that may affect my practice. I, or anyone who could claim in my name or on my behalf, my heirs and legal representatives, do hereby voluntarily waive, release and forever discharge the organisers, from any and all liabilities for injuries, damages or death resulting from my participation in the activities during the course of this programme as outlined in the programme schedule or any activities outside of the programme and resort facility, and hold them harmless from all claims which may be brought against them for any such injuries or claims as aforesaid and all costs and expenses incidental thereto. I agree that organisers reserve the right to accept or kindly decline the application of a participant at any time, to make changes in the itinerary whenever reputed necessary for the comfort, convenience, and safety to all participants. In the case that the event is cancelled or postponed organisers shall have no responsibility beyond the refund of money or expenses paid by the participant if the event cannot be re-scheduled. I agree that organisers shall not be liable for any cost or expenses for any delay, change in schedule including – but not limited to – delays, missed flights, failure to comply with visa or health requirements of the city, re-scheduling, and/ or cancellations or overbooking of flights, loss, damage, or injury to property or persons including death, or expenses occasioned by any act of omission by any supplier providing services to any programme participant.