in·trin·sic : belonging to the essential nature of a thing: // occurring as a natural part of something

geniusan exceptional natural capacity of intellect

“Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” ~Albert Einstein

Every moment is an orchestration of Pure Genius. From the most subtle to the most visible, the many layers of “unseen” are vibrating with intelligence and constantly collaborating to create the “seen”.  The refinement of our ability to “see” all the layers of intelligence working together to create the fluctuating architecture of Life is key and simultaneous to realizing the Universe.   

The genius of life can be misunderstood as it is not a strictly rational force, therefore, complicated to be comprehended by the mechanics of the rational mind.  The practice of yoga brings a practical system that organically activates the intrinsic genius that lives inside each one of us.  

One of the problems in attempting to understand genius is that it takes near genius to recognize it. The world frequently fails to identify Genius altogether; society often gives acclaim to its work without noting the intrinsic genius of its creation itself.  Until one acknowledges the Intrinsic Genius within oneself, one will have great difficulty recognizing it in others- we can only acknowledge without what we realize within.”   

~David R Hawkins;  Power vs. Force 

In this 9-hour weekend workshop we will take a powerful dynamic journey that will help you to recognize and experience the Intrinsic Genius that you are;  to explore and remember the magic that Life is and to tap into inner abundant resources to unlock potentials and powers waiting to be mobilized;  to Access the full richness of our individual Intrinsic Genius that is orchestrated through every moment.    

Each class will take us a layer deeper into the vast richness of life that we all have access to through the miracle of our bodies.  From Gross to Subtle we will explore the ancient knowledge of the energy mechanics of the body, in a comprehensive way, weaving in metaphor, Philosophy and Science.    

What can you expect

~Come prepared to sweat, work hard, and be lovingly pushed and expanded just beyond what you may think is possible. Coaxed and encouraged to be comfortable and cozy in all the rich flavours of life. Classes are coated with Intention, Extraordinary Attention to Alignment, and super playful creative sequencing. Lots of focus on core strength and stability and building body intelligence so as to playfully and safely create exquisite architecture, body art.

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