Sangha Yoga Centar and Supersoul Yoga are thrilled to host Philippa Asher, for a very special workshop in Zagreb.  This workshop represents a rare opportunity to work closely with one of the few KPJAYI Certified Ashtanga Yoga teachers and Advanced B series practitioners in the world. Philippa truly is one of those (nowadays) rare teachers that prefer to work in small groups, giving as much individual attention as possible. Therefore, this is an exclusive workshop open to only 18 students, with an established Ashtanga yoga practice. 


The first two days will follow the traditional method of learning / practising the Ashtanga Yoga method where you will have the chance to deepen and develop your asana technique and practice, whilst being guided through methods of approaching the more challenging postures. 

These two mornings of traditional style guided self-practice will be split into small groups (max 10 students in each group), so that Philippa can give optimum attention and assistance.


Perfect for established practitioners of the Primary, Intermediate, Advanced A or B series, who are keen on devoting time to honing in on the subtleties of the traditional Ashtanga practice, whilst receiving guidance on how to develop the asanas that they are currently working on. 

* On Thursday and Friday morning, two spots will be available for those participants that cannot attend the full workshop but wish to experience Philippa’s self-guided class.  (SOLD OUT!)


The weekend workshops will be an exploration of asanas from the Ashtanga Standing Sequence, Finishing Sequence and Primary Series and how to mindfully read bodies and recognise when and how to use your own body, intuition and intelligence, to carefully assist other practitioners. 

Different body types, personality, circumstance and ability, all determine how we practise asana and when working with others, we need to be tuned into each individual’s situation and emotional state. 

We will explore a range of safe adjustments (according to different body types, circumstance and ability) and investigate how to move and breathe with asana (experiencing how precise verbal guidance and hands-on adjustments, allow us to work with other bodies), until refined muscle memory, openness, strength and ease manifest.

You will have the opportunity to examine the mechanics of these fundamental postures, as well as learning about concentration, tristhana, breath, bandha, drishti, vinyasa, technique, alignment, leverage and different methods of working with your and other bodies, in order to safely adjust and transform asana, when appropriate.


A full Primary Series led class will be open to those that would like to experience the tradition of a class counted in Sanskrit, but are not able to attend the full workshop. This class is suitable for those practicing the full Primary Series. 


Thursday & Friday: 7am-9am, or 9am-11am
Friday led class: 5.30pm-7pm
Saturday & Sunday: 9:30am-1:30pm


Philippa is one of a few Ashtanga yoga practitioners in the world, to receive Advanced Certification (awarded by the Krishna Pattabhi Jois Ashtanga Yoga Institute), to teach through to the Advanced B Series. 

From the late nineties, Philippa studied for three-to-six months a year at KPJAYI (learning under the guidance of revered guru, Sri K Pattabhi Jois). Since his passing, she regularly returns to Mysore, to continue her Ashtanga yoga study with Guruji’s grandson, Sharath.

After 25 years of learning and teaching several forms of dance at schools, universities and ballet companies all over the UK, Philippa accidentally chanced upon Ashtanga yoga. It was a life-changing incident, that made complete sense. For 12 years she practised daily before work (in the media, film and music industries) and spent numerous sabbaticals in India, studying at KPJAYI.

Philippa’s dedicated passion for Ashtanga yoga, background as a trained dancer and experience as a qualified teacher (Post Graduate Certificate in the Education of Adults), gives her an intuitive and sound understanding of bodies, yoga asanas, people and how they learn.

In 2006, Philippa established and ran Triyoga Soho’s Ashtanga Self Practice programme in London. She taught there for several years before moving to South India, to build her own shala (on a coffee estate in the Western Ghats). Ashtanga NIRVṚTA is a stunning homestay yoga retreat, which aims to bring Ashtanga yoga to all levels of practitioners, in nature. 

As well as being the resident teacher at Ashtanga NIRVṚTA, Philippa regularly leads guest workshops at studios in India, Europe and on retreats worldwide. Her approach to sharing yoga asana (from beginners to more seasoned practitioners), is serious, yet light-hearted and joyful: with an emphasis on good technique, safe alignment and the synchronisation of tristhana (breath, gaze points and movement). 


Full workshop - 1200 kn (160 eur)*
Two Mysore classes - 300 kn (40 eur)**
One led class - 150 kn (20 eur) ***

*18 spots only, 600 kn to secure your spot. Reservation is refundable in full 60 days prior to the event, non-refundable at a later date (unless someone else can take your place) ** 2 spots only. Full amount paid to secure your spot. Refundable 60 days prior to the event, non-refundable at at later date. 
*** 18 spots only. Full amount paid to secure your spot. Refundable 60 days prior to the event, non-refundable at at later date. 
To reserve your spot please fill in the reservation form below:

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