We are delighted to have this opportunity to host Dylan Werner, one of the most sought-after yoga teachers today.
"After following Dylan on social media for a while now, inspired by his videos and beautiful IG photos, I was happy to see him on Hvar's Groove yoga festival line up so I can practice with him and meet this gravity defying yogi in person. Apart from his amazing physical ability I already knew about, I loved the way he teaches and delivers his knowledge of biomechanics, anatomy and physiology and yoga philosophy in a very grounded and simple way. Very happy he accepted the invitation to come to Zagreb. This one is not to be missed." - Nina Vukas

For more info on Dylan please check his webpage

The workshop
This weekend workshop consists of five mini-workshops and the priority will have those booking the full weekend. In case we still have some available spots close to worksop date, we will open the booking for individual classes.
Since Sangha shala is now too small for bigger workshops, we will host the workshop in the space of old Sangha shala (Ilica 11, Makronova). Workshop is open to all. 
We expect this workshop to sell out fast, so please book on time using the booking form on the bottom of the page.  


Saturday 10:00-13:00
Arm Balance Evolution (WS 1)
This class is about getting on your hands and exploring the edge that arm balances can bring you to. By building a solid foundation and understanding the simple concepts of strength and stability, you will build trust, self-confidence and the ability to evolve your practice. We will play around with several arm balances and different ways to enter and hold them. From a stable foundation we’ll add transitions from arm balance to arm balance, headstands to arm balances and possibly even handstand transitions and one hand arm balances for those that are ready. 
(3-hour workshop)

Saturday 15:00-18:30
Anatomy of Handstands (WS 2)
Handstand Workshop
The handstand is an amazing pose for our journey of overcoming fear, building self-trust, cultivating strength and stability, changing perspective and deepening the inner connection to self and presence. Through the understanding of how the muscles and bones support us, this very in-depth workshop will teach you how to build the perfect handstand. If you’re brand new at handstands or an experienced practitioner, you will leave with a deeper understanding and a more solid handstand.
(3.5-hour workshop) All Levels

Sunday 10:00-13:00
Inverting the Backbend (WS 3)

Take your backbend inverted.  First understand how to safely and effectively deepen your backend by exploring new backbend techniques and tools for the practice.  You will learn how to open and strengthen the body while deepening our backbends into several different inversions. Exploring scorpion, forearm scorpion, hollowbacks, forearm hollowbacks and all their variations.
(3-Hour workshop) All Levels

Sunday 15:00-18:00
Power of Breath (WS 4)
In this pranayama workshop, we will explore how to utilize our breath fully and the power of kumbhaka. Understand the anatomy of lungs and supporting breathing muscles. How you can increase energy flow with apana and prana. How to gain more power, control and focus through breath. How to expand lung capacity, increase breath efficiency and harness the power of breath to advance our strength and practice.
(3-hour workshop) All Levels


Full workshop: 220 € (1650 kn) 
Sangha Om yoga school (TT200, TT300) 10% off

WS 1, WS 3, WS 4 (3 hour workshops): 60 euro each
WS 2 (3.5 hour workshop): 70 euro

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