After an amazing workshop in Sangha last year, we're happy to host beautiful Celest Pereira again this year in May.
Celest is an international Vinyasa yoga teacher based in London. She teaches regular classes at Triyoga Soho and London Equinox and holds workshops and classes on yoga conferences internationally. 
This year Celest and Nina Vukas, the founder of Sangha are teaming up for an intensive yoga teacher training in Portugal. More info here.

Celest bio:

A dancer since a young age, Celest graduated from university with a Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy. Soon after graduating she travelled to India to study hatha yoga and Vipassana meditation. Upon returning she began a full time career as a yoga teacher in London. Her presence grew quickly not only in London, but all around the globe.  

"My passion is tapping into my creativity from my dance background, and building on that with the knowledge from my degree. More than that, I love people, and I can't wait to meet you." - Celest


The workshop

Celest will  teach four mini workshops as described below. Workshop is open to all yoga practicioners, regardless of their level (in terms of asana practice). If there will be any spots left, we will offer individual workshops as well, but for now we are only taking bookings for a full weekend. 

We're hosting the workshop in Sangha shala and have limited space. To reserve please fill out the reservation form at the bottom of this text. Please book on time to avoid disappointment. 

For Sangha 200 / 300 teacher trainees this workshop counts as 10 hours of Vinyasa studies. 


Saturday 19.05. / 10:00 - 12:30 : COME FLY WITH ME

Arm balances and inversions took a long time to find their way into my practice. This forced to work out a logical pathway of how to achieve them and made me spend hours practicing them. All the little tips and tricks I gathered on my journey is what I share in this workshop so you can learn these amazing asanas too. This workshop is especially good for beginners and intermediate practitioners that love the idea of arm balances and inversions but feel there is quite a leap to still master them.

Saturday 19.05. / 14:00 - 16:30 : FLEXIBILTY UNCOVERED

Specialist body workers will know that even flexible bodies carry tension. If so, is there any point in stretching? The simple answer is yes, but how effective are you? Could you get better results in less time? Is your flexibility work helping you or causing more harm? This workshop is a look into what makes up your flexibility and how can we tap into this knowledge to bring about a healthy balanced view of your present range and how to build on that with wisdom.


Sunday 20.05. / 10:00 - 12:30 : GET COMFORTABLE WITH THE UNCOMFORTABLE

This workshop will push you to explore new boundaries physically and psychologically. Instead of practicing yoga in the way you've always done, we will explore using the the body is a unique and interesting way to make your practice excel further and faster. This is nothing without the mental determination that is needed, so we will explore interesting ways of creating this mental resilience

Sunday 20.05. / 14:00 - 16:30: FLOW THERAPY

This workshop will empower you to learn ways of creating positive change in your body through simple therapy techniques. The techniques are based on physiotherapy principles such as self massage, neural flossing, mobilisations, stretching and strengthening. It's a workshop that will not always be comfortable, as you might learn about where your body needs more attention, but it will be hugely empowering and you will be able to establish a self care routine that can help you master your body.


Early bird price (until March 30th): 170 € (1260 kn)
Late bird price  (after Feb 14 2017.) 190 € (1410 kn) 
Single class / workshop (if available) 50 € (380 kn) 
Sangha yoga school (TT200, TT300) 10% off

50 € (380 kn) to secure your place. This amount is non-refundable. 
To get the early bird price, full amount must be paid before March 30th 2018.
For late birds, full amount should be paid no later than May 1st 2018. 

Payment details: Sangha joga klub, Zagreb IBAN: HR2824840081106405513

Registration form

Name *
An amount of 50 euro to secure your spot is non refundable. For early bird price, the full workshop amount must be paid by March 30th 2018. If cancelled 60 days prior to the workshop, a full amount minus 50 euro will be refunded. If cancelled later, no refund will be given. Transfer of reservation to third person is possible upon request, minus 50 euro safety deposit.
I, as a participant of this yoga workshop, am aware that participating requires a certain level of fitness and general physical health. I acknowledge and voluntarily assume my responsibility to assess my level of fitness and general health (including where appropriate consulting my physician or doctor) and the risks of serious injury that are associated with physical activity of any kind including any variety of yoga, meditation and breath work practice. I voluntarily assume full liability and accept the risk of harm, including physical injury and discomfort as a result of my participation in the various activities in this workshop. I also agree to inform the teacher of any injuries, health issues and movements which I cannot safely perform, and I will not perform any activity or movement, which I feel is likely to cause me to injure myself. I will inform the teachers and/or assistants of any limitations or medical conditions that may affect my practice. I, or anyone who could claim in my name or on my behalf, my heirs and legal representatives, do hereby voluntarily waive, release and forever discharge the organisers, from any and all liabilities for injuries, damages or death resulting from my participation in the activities during the course of this programme as outlined in the programme schedule or any activities outside of the programme and resort facility, and hold them harmless from all claims which may be brought against them for any such injuries or claims as aforesaid and all costs and expenses incidental thereto. I agree that organisers reserve the right to accept or kindly decline the application of a participant at any time, to make changes in the itinerary whenever reputed necessary for the comfort, convenience, and safety to all participants, and to cancel a trip at any time. In the case that the event is cancelled or postponed organisers shall have no responsibility beyond the refund of money or expenses paid by the participant if the event cannot be re-scheduled. I agree that organisers shall not be liable for any cost or expenses for any delay, change in schedule including – but not limited to – delays, missed flights, failure to comply with visa or health requirements of the city, re-scheduling, and/ or cancellations or overbooking of flights, loss, damage, or injury to property or persons including death, or expenses occasioned by any act of omission by any supplier providing services to any programme participant.