Adam Husler an international yoga teacher based in London and one of London's favourite teachers is coming our way! 
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Saturday Sept. 15th 16:00 - 18:30
The Sweaty, Technical Path to Inversions

Those ‘cool’ looking inversions and arm balances that you spot people popping out in the studio and social media they don’t just magically happen one day. Flailing and throwing yourself around won’t necessarily get the result you want, unless you want 1 second video of you upside down.

Each arm balance, inversion, and transition can be gradually worked towards via; lots of small simple drills done again and again, general conditioning of the whole body and the development of lean muscle strength, not just flexibility, in yoga.

Through this strong vinyasa based workshop we’ll be learning which muscles need to wake up and engage to get in to certain asanas, working on drills to help make them stronger, learning how we can build strength in our regular asana practice and then giving some of the 'big' postures a go.

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Sunday Sept. 16th 10:00 - 12:30
Heavenly Hips and Tight Bits

Your day probably features a lot of the below: hunching over a desk, slouching over an iPhone on your commute, running to work, efficient exercise with zero stretching time after, picking up a child/puppy, lifting weights... All this probably means your body needs some time doing exactly the opposite actions, to find some openess and balance. A typical yoga class might do this to a degree, but here there will be no ‘water break’ escapes when we are faced with opening out the restricted areas.

Join Adam for this juicy vinyasa practice where we target the tight parts, finding increased flexibility in the stiff bits and strength in the weak bits. With attention being given to; shoulders, chest, hips, legs, and plenty more, you’ll laugh and cry as you balance on that fine line between torture and mild discomfort. Prepare for steadily flowing, alignment focused vinyasa and some deeper static sections.

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Sunday Sept. 16th 14:00 - 16:30
Crown your pigeon

Adam will focus on how to safely move into deeper backbends, with a focus not on developing contortion skills worthy of a circus, but instead on how to safely elongate through the whole spine and open the shoulders as you do so. “Through this exploration we’ll be breaking down our vinyasa technique, finding length through the upper body and working out how to undulate through individual vertebrae.

After taking on the office/iPhone hunch that we’re all developing, we’ll continue to move more dynamically to open the hips, create fluidity in the spine and work towards the magic of King Pigeon. To finish expect a long, well deserved end of class to neutralise the spine and quieten the mind”.


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Teaching in top yoga studios and exclusive settings across London, every week, Adam Husler is one of the city’s most in demand yoga teachers. Combine this with an international workshop, event, conference and retreat teaching schedule that, in 2018,  will take him from Sri Lanka to Tuscany, Bulgaria to Sweden, along with plenty of destinations beyond, Adam is one of the busiest teachers on the yoga scene. It’s fortunate that students can bring him to their lounge via multiple online platforms.

With a eclectic background including boxing, ultramarathons, a law degree and over 10  years on a yoga mat, Adam brings a unique perspective to his non-dogmatic yoga teaching . A teacher for those that want to gain understanding of their bodies, Adam’s classes feature: intelligent alignment, anatomical precision and creative sequencing that give more significance to mobility rather than flexibility. Having studied yoga asana and movement from world leaders including, Jason Crandell and Cameron Shayne, Adam has also had the privilege of studying meditation and mindfulness under the renowned, late, Michael Stone.

Through ties with brands including Design Museum, Adidas, eBay, Boys of Yoga,  OHMME, Manduka, National Geographic,and the Evening Standard, Adam has been able to build a global audience, from which to encourage more people to roll out a yoga mat for the first time and experienced practitioners to do so with more anatomical awareness. 


To register please fill out the form below and we'll get back to you with payment info. The workshop is held in Sangha yoga centre, Radiceva 7, Zagreb. Spots are limited, please book on time to avoid disappointment. Namaste. 

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